Some catching up to do...

It's been a while but I have a few minutes before headed to a neighbor's St. patty's day party to send out some updates.

K I hope to see you all at Search Engine Strategies next week! If I don't see you there...don't forget to reach out at Facebook or LinkedIn if you want.



New Column Suggestions Needed

So work is doing great at the new job with Brulant in Cleveland. Solid team. I have to work on finding a house, since we got lucky and accepted and offer already on the house outside Philly.

I will be writing some more for Search Engine Watch, and was hoping for some column suggestions. What do people want to read about? The experts column that I have been writing will shift over to a new mystery author who will be announced next time in the Outsourced column.

Please post comments about topics of interest or even full column ideas. Chances are if you "win" I could hook up an SEW membership or something.

More to come soon, and reach out to me Chris Boggs at FaceBook or LinkedIn if you want to get back in touch. or share some column ideas in more detail.




Leaving Philadelphia...

It has been a great 15 months with Avenue A Razorfish, but the time has come for me to say goodbye. Our family has been given the opportunity to relocate to the Cleveland area, just in time for baby #2 to come along in late October, and to be nearer to my wife’s family.

I had an amazing time here at AR, and worked with some really bright minds. I’ll not list many, so hopefully no one gets offended, but I want to give a special shout-out to the following folks: Rob Crigler who hired me (and works with Orkin now); Brad Aronson who has been an awesome sounding board and has driven me to think even more broadly than I did in the past; Matt Greitzer who is one of the smartest guys I have ever worked with; William Flaiz who as my very efficient superior has given me the ability to continue to grow while maintaining my community roots; the Chrises and the rest of the PT team for being my neighbors and keeping me always laughing or hitting the mute button while on phone calls; the greater-arching SEM community within AR offices across the globe – especially Lindsay Rinehart in the ATL, Nathan Levi in the UK and Guillaume and the others at Duke in Paris; and lastly the entire SEO team that I have had the honor and privilege to work with!

The super-exciting part of this move is that I have secured a position with eMergent Marketing, the Search Engine Marketing arm of the consultancy Brulant (http://www.brulant.com/). I will be the Manager of the Search Engine Optimization team. I don’t have many more details for now, except the fact that the team members that I met with during my interview process were obviously talented and eager to continue to provide leading SEO results for their clients. The company itself has done some great things, and the senior leadership that I have had the chance to meet personally, including Len Pagon, Brad Wertz, Paul Elliott and John Vojtush, are certainly gentlemen that I look forward to working and growing with.

I will be at SES next week, wearing my new name badge, so please feel free to look for me should you wish to chat about this move or search in general!

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