New Column Suggestions Needed

So work is doing great at the new job with Brulant in Cleveland. Solid team. I have to work on finding a house, since we got lucky and accepted and offer already on the house outside Philly.

I will be writing some more for Search Engine Watch, and was hoping for some column suggestions. What do people want to read about? The experts column that I have been writing will shift over to a new mystery author who will be announced next time in the Outsourced column.

Please post comments about topics of interest or even full column ideas. Chances are if you "win" I could hook up an SEW membership or something.

More to come soon, and reach out to me Chris Boggs at FaceBook or LinkedIn if you want to get back in touch. or share some column ideas in more detail.


Not sure how relevant for SEW, but a focus on:

HOW major engines G. Y. M. are treating profiles on Social Sites - index or not, crawl or not, and how the sites themselves are treating the engines - noindex, etc..

this might just be one post, not necessarily column worthy...?

Thanks Chris.

Glad to hear you are settling in to Ohio.
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