Why I Blog - a "Tag" meme

So my good friend Barry Schwartz tagged me (http://www.cartoonbarry.com/2007/04/why_i_blog.html) and I now am part of the "Why I Blog" meme. This is very exciting for me, since 3 years ago I barely knew what a blog was and certainly never figured I'd use the word meme (hopefully properly). So he we go:

"Why I Blog"

1. I like to write, and blogging allows me to convey my feelings to a variety of people that may or may not find them interesting.

2. I blog for three different site: this one, Search Engine Roundtable, and Search Engine Watch. For each of the three I can have a slightly different attitude, which is nice. I really like the format at SER, because I can blog about what others are saying. I would almost call this the most "mindless" of my blogging duties, however I actually do spend a decent amount of time on the posts. Someday I will be like Barry the Jedi blogger and knock posts out at an inhuman rate.

3. I am in fact rather jealous of him and Danny Sullivan, both of whom seem to be able to put out so much valuable content in such short periods of time. Thus, I at least have a very basic reason to blog: that is to get better at blogging.

4. When I first started posting at Search Engine watch forums in 2004, I began to enjoy participating in virtual discussions. Although blogging often ends up being more of a one-way information flow, the idea of speaking my mind in a forum where literally anyone with Internet access can read it is still very compelling to me. To paraphrase a quote I recently heard but can't find the source of right now: "People enjoy interaction with other people, but the most joy that they get from it is in having someone listen to them."

5. I blog because I have a lot of friends and business associates that blog. I have so many friends and acquaintances, that I like to think that in some way my posts at the various blogs allow some of them to "keep in touch" until the next conference I see them at.

6. I blog because the word blog includes three letters from my last name, and it rhymes sort of.

OK so there we go, this is why I blog. Please feel free to pry more out of me in the comments section.

In turn, I now tag the following bloggers to let me know why they blog:

Arianna Huffington (http://www.huffintonpost.com/)
Loren Baker (http://www.searchenginejournal.com/)
Pete Prestipino (http://peteprestipino.info/blog/)
Frank Watson aka Aussiewebmaster (http://www.smart-keywords.com/blog.html)

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