Tobacco Quitting Update

Thanks to the many folks who linked to my SEM Tobacco quitting contest. It looks like so far it’s just me and Website Magazine’s Pete Prestepino, who happened to quit on the exact same day. I haven’t reached out to him yet, but I personally have been able to keep my end of the bargain – having quit now for (10+) weeks.

I had decided when not many people signed up by February first to make this an ongoing contest. So anyone in the industry that wants to quit and may like to have a little extra support from me and Pete are welcome to still join. The rules are the same: if you start smoking again you owe whoever remains in the contest a link to a page of their choice. The sooner you join the contest the more chances you have of getting links.

I haven’t reached out to any search engine reps about this, but would hope that they do not take any offense to the idea of using links as a reward for such a contest. Please feel free to join the movement by commenting here or within the original post, and I’ll be back in a month or so with another update. I am keeping my fingers crossed for SES NYC next week – since I am sure I may be tempted during the many after hours events.

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