SEMPO Secretary – 2007

As many of the readers of this blog probably know, I was recently re-elected to serve a second term on the BOS of SEMPO - the Search Engine Marketing Professional’s Organization. I am thrilled to have been selected from a list of very qualified candidates that numbered 37 excellent choices. I hope that anyone out there that voted for me, or even those that didn’t, please comment to this post with your suggestions for SEMPO this year. I also want to thank everyone that did vote for me, and I promise to continue to work hard this year to promote search engine marketing as a whole.

SEMPO has now over 500 members, and the actual number of people involved within those memberships is probably close to 700 or 800. This is a guess, but I know personally of quite a few organizations that have multiple participants, including my employer, Circle-member Avenue A Razorfish.

I have also been named Secretary, per a BOD vote, and I look forward to another very productive year as a member of the board. I was very happy to learn that 7 other members from last year’s board are returning, and that I have already worked with two of the new members personally in a few initiatives: Massimo Burgio and Fionn Downhill. I am excited to meet and work with those board members that I do not yet know, and I am sure they will bring plenty of valuable experience to SEMPO’s leadership in 2007.

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