Avenue A | Razorfish Launches “Search Marketing Trends” Web Site

Kind of slightly old news (this site has been live for about 2 months now), but I wrote this a few weeks ago so here it is.

Since I joined AARF last year, one of my most rewarding tasks has been to edit a weekly newsletter which we started out of the Philadelphia office last summer: Search marketing Trends (SMTrends). For the first 30 issues, we kept the newsletter slightly hidden, since we planned on moving to a new domain with it. Naturally, with client and other PR work taking precedence, this took a while to accomplish. However, a few weeks ago, we finally did move to a new Web site: www.searchmarketingtrends.com.

SMTrends is a newsletter that features topics written by AARF search marketing and other related specialists across the globe. The company made some great acquisitions in 2006, in my opinion, and has kicked off 2007 with two more new international partnerships, in Japan with the formidable Dentsu, as well as just last week with the purchase of an outstanding French SEM firm, Duke Interactive. (Comme je parle en peu de Francais, j’espere de travailer avec notre nouveaux copains Francais bientot!)

We have already had some articles contributed by our UK office, DNA, and our German offices of Neue Digitale. Soon, we should have participation with our Australian company Amnesia, as well as our Honk Kong team at e-Crusade. I am sure we will get plenty of participation this year across the globe, which makes editing SMTrends even more exiting.

So I personally invite anyone that has not yet checked out SMTrends to do so, and please sign up for our newsletter so you will receive it weekly. We plan on instituting an RSS feed soon. I hope to see you there, and feel free to submit topic suggestions directly to me via the comments in this thread or via AARF.

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