New SEM Contest: Quit Tobacco

OK so I quit smoking and Copenhagen on Saturday. It's Tuesday and I hate life, but fortunately I am using the patch to keep most of the hatred inside. :)

I propose a contest if any other SEM's want to join in on the fun.


1. The one who quits the longest wins. This is an honor system but don't think we can't find spies. ;)

2. You may use assistance of patches, gum, hypnosis, or any other non-tobacco "maintenance" assistance.

3. You may not be "that person" that becomes vehemently anti-smoking, and you may not push your ideals onto others. In other words, don't say "that's gross" at SES NYC if you see a friend smoking.

4. If you join the contest, and you lose, you will immediately (within a few weeks) pay all other contestants in the form of one relevant link. It's up to you if you use the [nofollow], but ideally you wouldn't unless there will be nice traffic involved.

5. This contest is limited to anyone that works in SEM (SEO, Paid, Analytics, Webmasters)

This is a contest I am hoping to use for support from other friends in this close community. We'll probably setup a Group at Google.

I hope to have this completely kicked and forgotten about by SES NYC.

To join please add a comment or email me and I'll add you to the list of contestants. The deadline for submission is January 31, 2007.

***NOTE: this is not designed to be "link bait" or "linkbait." But please let others know about it. I am switching to a new URL soon anyway and don't even know if one can 301 from blogger...

I think it would be cool if in the contest, a certain anchor text was used. maybe "quit tobacco" or something easier like "quittobacco". The idea would be that whomever is still in the game would get links with that anchor text and hopefully the winner(s) who actually quit smoking would all rank highly for that term.
Quits the longest? How will the contest ever end? Let's say I quit and never start again (which I need to do). The contest would last for a lifetime?
Excellent contest idea - count me in. I quit smoking on Saturday (thanks Commit Lozenge!) - DazzlinDonna's right though - there are some logistical issues. At least we'll be healthy!
This sucks, I only smoke at parties, clubs, bars and SES Conferences.

Just kidding, good luck to all of you smokers / tobacco users. I'll bring the Cloves to SES New York.
Good contest. I quit smoking in 2000. But working in paid SEM has made me want to start on more than one occaison.
Or you could search 'quit smoking' and click on the Chantix ad and learn about a prescription treatment option.

OK spammer I'll ask my doctor. Does Pfizer know that you are using this kind of comment spam to drive traffic? Do they understand that you are alienating a potential audience by doing this? Hope they do...
To the others, thanks for the suggestions and support. DD I think that the ones that last the longest will benefit by getting the most links. :) Loren I guess cloves would be ok...since I probably wouldn't be addicted to them. But inhalation of smoke as well as the resulting smell might kind of defeat the purpose...
Good luck to all of you. I quit smoking a long time ago but for some reason smoke when I drink. Thanks aussie webmaster. I suppose I could quit drinking but then why would I come to any sem events?

I'll offer each of you a cig in NY and see which one takes it. Whoever refuses will get some love link from my not so popular blog. Lucky you. ;)
Good for you Chris! Hope you're faring well. (pity the fool or comment spammer who pisses you off these days eh?)

I'll take you up on the challenge and plan to stop smoking cigerettes on Jan 31. (gasp, gulp... f***)

Stupid Smoking Habit #80034:
I wear a nicotine patch when flying to help keep me from wanting to pry open the window to have a short smoke. I hardly notice any issues with the addiction when wearing the patch. My flights tend to be pleasent and not like the horror shows before I started wearing a patch inflight.

Moments after clearing customs and getting outside any given airport, I tend to rip off the patch and light a smoke. How dumb is that eh?

Thanks for the challenge. Hope to see you lingering over coffees in any fine restaraunt at SES NYC.
awesome Jim! great to have you "aboard." :) The patch has been working. last night I had my first alcohol-inclusive event, and I really only thought about smoking 30 or 40 times. ;)

See you in NYC. Thanks David also...were you trying to drop a subliminal message to aussie as well?
Well it sure isn't subliminal now. Actually he fed my habit at The Blues bar. I sure don't want to hint that anybody should quit, that's every person's decision. Damn things are quite addicting though so good luck to all.
Wow, looks like I'm late to the party as usual. I quit on 7.7.7.

Well, working on it. Ya know.
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