Top SEM Stories of 2006

I have been writing a newsletter for Avenue A Razorfish, and recently completed a two part series on what I consider to be the top stories of 2006. The first part was released 12/20, and can be found at http://avenuea-razorfish.com/newsletters/smtrends23/. This covered the first half of the year. The second half, published 12/27, can be found at http://avenuea-razorfish.com/newsletters/smtrends24/.

We are moving the newsletter to Searchmarketingtrends.com soon, and I will update the above links ASAP.

I want to credit Search Engine Watch, Search Engine Roundtable, and Search Engine Land as being my main sources to recap the year, and you will find lots of links to further information from a variety of sources from the Matt Cutts blog all the way to seoblackhat.com within the above posts. I chose not to include many of the major changes in personnel that occurred over the year, as I had to limit the length of these posts.

Please share your thoughts about the recaps in the comments here, and feel free to sign up for the weekly newsletter by following the links in the above posts. As I mentioned, we will move to a permanent home for the newsletter soon. Enjoy, and Happy New Year to all!



5 things you may not know about me

OK I have been sucked into this Blog Tagging game and I better do this before even more people pick me. Seriously though thanks for thinking of me. :) I was asked first by Adam (ShandyKing) , then Caydel , then Ben Pfeiffer (with two f’s), . So here we go…

1. “I was born a poor black child…”
...is my favorite movie line (Steve Martin in The Jerk) after about a dozen lines from Caddy Shack. I was actually born in Leuven (or Liege if you lean that way) which is sorta near Brussels in Belgium. And yes, like Notorious B.I.G., I have eaten the clams and mussels… My mom is Belgian and my dad was a US Diplomat so I grew up all over the place including Bordeaux France, Canberra Australia, Washington DC, The Hague Holland, Hamilton Bermuda, and then onto High School in Washington DC at a School called St. Alban’s. I speak French fairly well when I get back into it, and Dutch OK for an ugly American. Since HS I have lived in Georgia (Athens), California, Maryland, and now Jersey outside of Philly.

2. I was a US Marine for 4 years. Oo-rah! I was an Artillery Section Chief as a Non-Commissioned Officer, and was very good at accurately blowing up dirt that was far away. I served primarily at Camp Pendleton in CA, with a couple trips to Okinawa (Camp Hansen in case anyone knows) and was involved in a little thing called Desert Fox which occurred during the Clinton impeachment so not many people heard about it. We were bombing Iraq for a couple weeks at the end of 1998 and they had my unit along with the Army in a defensive position of Kuwait.

3. I play soccer in “Over 35” leagues. I just finished an outdoor season and got on to an Indoor team in South Jersey. Over the past few years I played in leagues in Maryland and San Diego. I rule (for an older fatter guy).

4. I play Fantasy Sports to the point of obsession. I play in a few “super leagues” that consist of random players that have gathered over the years from all over the world. I think it would be really cool to start a major Web 2.0ish community for Fantasy Sports. The following are sports that I am involved in: Golf, baseball, Hockey, Football. You can actually see one of my Fantasy Profiles at Yahoo! here: http://profiles.sports.yahoo.com/boggscd68

5. I love most pro sports, but primarily Football. Huge Redskins fan, been suffering for a while but I do have 3 Superbowl victories to fall back on that I can clearly remember shedding tears of joy over. I like the Washington Capitals as well – not much playoff joy there. Began liking the LA Dodgers as a kid when I lived in Australia and they stuck since DC didn’t have a team forever. Also a former Lakers Season ticket holder when I was living in San Diego (we split the tickets so I went to about a dozen game a year. Was at all three game 1’s during the Lakers’ three-peat). I also like DC United and was a fan of the old Washington Diplomats.

K Now I will call out some folks:

Frank Watson aka Aussiewebmaster http://www.smart-keywords.com/blog.html

Greg Boser aka WebGuerilla http://www.webguerrilla.com/

Jennifer Slegg aka JenSense http://www.jensense.com/

Rocco Albano http://lookin2theweb.com/

Gregory Isaacs http://profile.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=user.viewprofile&friendID=37546169

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