Up and running on all cylinders

Hello to anyone who hasn't seen a ping from this blog in a while. It has been a busy few months, but things are coming along very nicely at AARF. Along with some really cool as well as talented people that were already here, Sean Stahlman joined us from New York. Unfortunately, the guy who helped to hire me on, Rob Crigler, left. But I am happy for him as he is now back with his family and working in a cushy in-house job. ;)

So my goal when I started at AARF on May 15 was to get my family up as soon as June 15. We closed on a house outside of Philly in Jersey on June 16. Not bad eh? My little baby boy is growing (16 months is a couple days), and so am I. haha I have actually been on a diet and already lost some serious poundage since SES San Jose. I need to slim down to be able to keep up with the little guy. Our house in Maryland sold, and fortunately we "got out" just before the recent housing dip, it seems. We only had to keep it one extra month.

I just got back from SES last week. It was a great show where I met so many wonderful people and rekindled some SES friendships as usual. I do not want to name a single person for fear of forgetting someone. :P So Barry, Ben, and Lee blogged the show with me for Barry's Search Engine roundtable. Awesome SES coverage by all of us if I don't say so myself. For a through recap of most of the coverage, see Danny's uber-SES coverage list.

OK so about the move to my searchevangelist.com domain. Soon, real soon Daniel-San...

Good to hear things are going well. I understand the difficulty with updating a blog. What a responsibility! Thinking of letting mine die a slow death... Anyhow, keep plugging, AARF is lucky to have you.
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