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I apologize to any “regular” readers of this blog for the lack of new content since February. I have been very busy with my duties at G3 group, including spending very educational week at the Search Engine Strategies show in New York City, where I spoke and blogged for the Search Engine Roundtable (SER). Since then, I have worked with a variety of G3 clients towards their SEO and SEM goals.

Today, I’d like to announce that I have decided to leave G3 Group. The decision was very difficult for me, since I have learned so much and made so many great friends while with the G3 Group. Having been very impressed with the G3 properties, including Instant Position, as well as the quality of the senior management and staff, I came onboard in 2004. I quickly began to learn a great deal about SEO-friendly site design, as well as advanced competition analysis methodology, from the president of G3: Anita Schott. I will be forever indebted to her for this mentoring, and will continue to recommend her as being one of the brightest search engine friendly web developers/analysts in the world. I also learned a lot from David Carberry (who is now with Advertising.com) about sales and business development, and continue to learn from Dan Appleget and the rest of the sales and support team here at G3.

I have made a decision to move to a larger interactive agency: Avenue A Razorfish, which is owned by aQuantive, also the Parent of Atlas and DRIVEpm. I will be working in their Philadelphia, PA offices in a new position titled “Search Strategist.” In a nutshell, “Search Strategists are responsible for assisting with SEO and SEM (paid search) strategy development across multiple teams. This position focuses on managing strategy, SEO results, and analyses of the P&L for the SEO clients…” Essentially, I will work with AA RF Senior Analysts to identify and dissect key performance indicators, in order to help ensure the best possible results for AA RF clients. I am very excited about this role, and I will be working with some very bright minds. Not to get into the whole history, but AA RF has been around for a long time in the form of its “assimilated” companies, especially iFrontier, which was arguably one of the first leading SEM companies in the world.

Another great feature of my new role is that I will be free to continue to participate actively in the online and offline search communities that I belong to. My voluntary duties as Associate Editor of SER and Moderator at Search Engine Watch Forums will continue, and I will continue to attend SES and other conferences. Also, my participation level as an elected member of the Board of Directors of SEMPO will not be affected by this move. As I alluded-to before, I will be working with some very talented people at AA RF. I see an excellent opportunity for personal growth with them, and I want to thank G3 Group for understanding my decision. I will continue to highly recommend the SEO Tools and tutorials found at Instantposition.com, which recently underwent a complete makeover. This is one of the top resources out there for inexpensive resources for the SEM “do-it-yourselfers.”

I will keep my networking database and will contact everyone with my new information as soon as it is available. Feel free to post a comment on this blog if you feel I may forget you, or if you have any questions.

Chris Boggs

Congrads Chris, and best of luck! Ave A is VERY fortunate to have you!
You should be at - Advertising.com Why move to Philly? It's further away from your beloved Washington Redskins.

BTW - Don't tell anyone in Philly you're a skins fan!

Good Luck
Dave Carberry
Awesome opportunity Chris! Great to hear they want you to remain part of the search community.
Great news, Chris.

Will you be relocating into the Philly area?
Thanks all...yes Bill I'll be moving. Looking in PA and NJ. I'll keep in touch.
Congrats again Chris! Best of luck and make sure to KIT w/ your new contact info.

And of course... Go Skins!
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